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Dr Usui designed each Reiki Symbol as a tool to assist students learn about
Reiki Energy as some of his students were having difficulty learning the
Symbols through meditation, chants and prayer.

The Four Usui Reiki Symbols

There are four Usui Reiki Symbols which were originally invented by Dr Usui to connect to different energies used in Reiki Healing.  Each Usui Reiki Symbol has different energies for healing and when having a Reiki session the Symbols combine together to in a natural and holistic way..  They include- the Chok Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and the Dai Ku My are used in different ways, during a Reiki healing.

The Reiki Symbols Revealed

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Reiki Symbols are used in Reiki Attunements and for practitioners to use in healing sessions or treatments to amplify the Reiki energy during a healing.

Each Reiki Symbol connects to a different energy vibration, and is very interesting to experience and study, as they allow a practitioner to focus on the Reiki energy for specific healing purposes.

The practices and beliefs of each Reiki Symbol differ between Reiki teachers.  The one common belief that all Reiki Masters agree on, is that every Reiki Master Symbol is sacred and should be treated with the highest respect. Some Reiki teachers believe the Reiki Symbols should be kept secret and others of the belief they can be displayed freely.

Reiki power symbols do not contain power on their own but they can be empowered by the person using them connecting each Reiki Symbol to different energies.  So when you think of draw a particular Reiki Symbol you immediately connect to the Reiki healing energy, you have given to the symbol.

Dr Usui did not use the Reiki Symbols in the beginning. In the earlier days of Reiki the students were not taught Reiki Symbols they were taught to attune to the energy through meditation and chants. Following this Dr Usui found some of his students had difficulty learning this skill so he then developed symbols for them to focus on, to assist these students. This is how Reiki Symbols were born

Also in the earlier days Dr Usui did not use Reiki Symbols, and they were not used in the Attunement process either. Mrs Takata who was one of the first people Dr Usui initiated to Reiki energy healing, did not used Reiki Symbols to attune her students either. This was also developed in later years.

There are extra  Reiki Symbols used in different types of Reiki Courses although Traditional Japanese Reiki has the four basic symbols which are often used in different healing modalities.

Once you learn how to connect to the Reiki energy there is no need to use Reiki Symbols unless you desire to. Many Reiki healers learn Usui Reiki using Reiki Symbols, and once they have mastered the energies stop using the symbols. This is a personal choice.

The Usui Reiki Symbols are used in Reiki attunements and for practitioners to use in treatments to amplify the Reiki energy during a healing. Each Reiki Symbol is believed to have a different energy and very interesting to study, as they allow a practitioner to focus the energy of Reiki for specific purposes

A Reiki Master should practice each Master Reiki Symbol, until they are able to meditate and feel the energy associated with the symbol. Once you can connect with the energy, the choice to continue using symbols is entirely yours.

Some people believe Reiki Symbols should be drawn as correctly as possible and memorized. My Master taught me if you can’t remember how to draw the symbol do it as best as possible and repeat the symbol name or to just feel the energy you normally associate with that symbol.

I recommend to my students to master each symbol individually by drawing the symbol in the air or drawing them with coloured pencils, chant the symbol name, meditate on each symbol in your minds eye and if possible do the above connecting with your Reiki Guide to really understand and feel the  energies of each Reiki Symbol.  The most important thing is to note how the energy feels. Note how each symbol feels.  Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the connection to the energies you will receive during a Reiki session.

Some people believe Reiki Symbols should be drawn as correctly as possible and memorized.   My Master taught me if you carn’t remember how to draw the symbol do it as best as possible and repeat the symbol name or to just feel the energy you normally associate with that symbol.

The main key to using all Reiki Symbols is to relax, enjoy along with trust and faith  plus PRACTICE, Practice, Practice

I have included the Reiki Symbols as they are taught today, although their are many variations, which is not overly important.  The importance lies in relaxing and connecting to the energy.  Reiki energy flows to wherever it is needed and you will only receive what you need for a healing.  It is a common belief that disease and illness is caused by stress and emotional disharmony and must be healed before a physical recovery can take place.

Information and Pictures on Each Symbol And How They Work

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