Reiki Music – Celestial Reiki Music

A beautiful selection of Celestial Reiki Healing Music to accompany Reiki and any other form
of healing therapy you wish

Music is well known to heal the Mind, Body and Soul

Information On Water Crystal Healing Music and Images to Restore Your Well-being


Music has been played since time began and enjoyed.  Celestial Reiki Music has the power to relax, soothe, comfort, inspire, rejuvenate and heal on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Celestial Reiki music heals using life force vibrational energy which heals the mind, body and spirit.

Healing music including Celestial Reiki by Jonathon Goldman is soft, gentle and soothing music designed to assist one to a deep state of relaxation.


Reiki Music can be used to accompany all types of healing modalities including  Reiki, Angel healing, massage, bodywork, meditation, chakra balancing, tai ch, and yoga.


Celestial Reiki Music heals using vibrational life force energy in the form of beautiful and peaceful music.  Reiki music can be used as background music in healing sessions or can be played by Reiki therapist and non Reiki healers alike.

Reiki music soothes the soul and is a wonderful companion to any form of relaxation therapy.  Reiki music when played softly is excellent for new born babies and children to assist sleep

Reiki music is also very comforting and soothing to play when unwell and is particular comforting for the terminally ill.


Healing and celestial music can be used for relaxation and soothing the soul mind, body and spirit.  A wonderful aid with meditation as the pure vibrational sounds just allow one to drift deeper and deeper into meditative bliss.

Healing and celestial music is also excellent to assist relaxation and assist with a deeply relaxed and good night sleep whilst healing the soul.


Reiki music is very relaxing and meditative and I strongly advise you to not play any form of Reiki music or healing music whilst driving the car, operating machinery or any task involving attention and concentration, due to safety reasons.

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