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Usui Reiki Ryoho

Reiki Ryoho (reiho) or Usui Reiki is a safe, gentle and natural form of “hands on healing” system that is well known to heal the mind, body and spirit using pure energy. Reiki healing energy is Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a complete and comprehensive healing system of combining Reiki energy and touch.

Reiki is easily learnt and is passed on from teacher to student.  There are three levels of Reiki. The first level is about healing oneself and the second level incorporates the mental or emotional issues and the Distant healing techniques  The third level of Reiki is Master Teacher Training.

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It covers all you need to know including:

Money Reiki

Money Reiki is a powerful new system of Reiki that has been designed to help you and the planet with money issues. Money Reiki is about the Spiritual Vibrational Energy of Money and Abundance.

You will learn how to align yourself with the positive intention that you can and will earn money with integrity whilst following your highest path and for the good of all.

Money Reiki is a powerful systme that allows you to remove energetic blocks that cause you to sabotage yourself with money. If you find your bank account is frequently overdrawn, if you tend to have late fees on your bills, or if you have other financial management problems, Money Reiki can assist greatly.

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Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a beautiful yet powerful form of spiritual healing.

Spiritual Animal Healer Program

This is a system that anyone can learn to use the energies of the Spiritual Animal Healing Program.

There are attunement levels in the Spiritual Animal Healing Program, each one connects on a deeper level and allows you to communicate and heal animals with a higher degree of energies:

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Reiki therapy should never be use as a replacement or substitute for traditional medical treatment provided by a qualified medical doctor.  It is essential to consult your Doctor for a professional diagnosis and treatment, for any health related illness or concerns you may have. 

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