Reiki Candles – Healing Candles

Healing Candles Have Been Use For Centuries And Have Powerful Healing Properities

Reiki Candles are a beautiful way to invoke Reiki energy. You can use any candle as  Healing Candles and they can be empowered with Reiki energy also.  Its not the candle that has the Reiki energy but the empowerment and association you give to the candle with your energy, thoughts and beliefs.

Many people like to burn a healing candle whilst performing Reiki either on themselves or  others. They are often place on an alter or special place where Reiki is often performed.

The burning flame or white light of the candle assists one to connect the Divine, The Source orto higher dimensions, whatever you feel more comfortable with.
Reiki Candles or healing candles can come in many forms – small, large or decorated.  They can be plain, coloured or scented or non scented.  The choice is yours.

Reiki Candles often have Reiki Symbols engraved on them although this is not necessary.  You can purchase these engraved candles or easily engrave the Reiki Symbol or Symbols on your favourite candle yourself if you wish.

Although most people purchase candles it is quiet easy to make your own using a candle making kit and  then decorate the candle as you wish.

This book is excellent if you desire to make your own Healing Candles or soaps.

The colour of the healing candle is not important although many people use coloured candles to invoke the Angels and Archangels especially when connecting to Angelic or Archangelic Reiki.  As each Angel and Archangel is associated with a  different coloured ray.

Helaing Candles come in many diiferent designs and colours and your personal choice has no effect on the healing powers the candle holds..

Colour therapy and healing candlles combined together, can become very powerful when use in relation to charkra balancing and healing the body, mind and soul.

When a particular chakra is unbalance and needs cleansing a coloured healing candle can be most beneficial when combined with meditation, to restore balance and harmony.


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