Reiki Attunement

Reiki Attunements Are Performed by a Reiki Master Teacher And Can Be Performed In Person or By Distant Reiki Attunement

Reiki Attunement is given by a Reiki Master to a student, to open the channel for Divine energy to flow to the student on demand for the rest of their life. Reiki Attunements are very special and sacred event. During the Attunements Reiki Symbols are used to connect to Reiki energy whilst empowering and strengthening your connection to the energy with each additional Reiki Attunement Received

The Reiki Attunement process of Reiki involves certain patterns and movements around the initiate, and then these energies are then sealed and locked permanently into the initiates energy field.

Once a person has received a Reiki Master Attunement they are attuned for life, meaning the door has been permanently opened for life, to receive these energies from the Divine, whenever and where ever required.

The Reiki Attunement Process

Reiki Master Attunement Level One

Level One or First Degree for Self Healing, This is known as Shoden

  • Learn about Reiki 1 and the process of the attunement
  • Learn more about the Cho Ku Rei which is the major Reiki 1 Symbol taught at this level, and the healing abilities of this symbol.

Reiki Master Attunement Level Two

Level 2 or Second Degree Or Distance Reiki Attunement for Healing Others, called Okuden

  • Learn about Reiki 2 and the process of the attunement
  • Learn  about the Sei He Kei and the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Reiki 2 Symbols and the healing abilities of these symbols

Reiki Master Attunement Level Three

Level 3 or Mastery and Teacher level called Shinpiden

  • Learn about Reiki 3 and the process of the attunement
  • Learn more about the Dai Ku Myo Reiki 3 Symbol and the healing abilities of the symbol.

Following an Attunement to Reiki Therapy a student needs to practice. It is recommended a daily self treatment is best

There are several different methods of receiving Reiki Attunement including Reiki Classes, Reiki, Distance Attunement, Reiki Self Attunement. There is no right or wrong way to learn Reiki. All that is required is a desire to channel Life Force Energy and use this energy for the highest good of all.

To complete the Reiki Master Training one needs to complete all the levels of Reiki. Reiki Level iii is the Reiki Master Teacher qualification. Once a person has received a level i Reiki Attunement they are a Reiki Master.

Reiki classes are conducted by a Reiki Master who has completed Reiki iii which enables one to teach. In a class one is given the attunement in person and is taught how to perform a Reiki treatment. Sometime teachers give their students written notes and some do not. Following a class attunement a student needs to practice working with the energy preferably on a daily basis to strengthen the connection to the energy.

Reiki Distance Attunement

Distance Reiki Attunement works equally well as any other type of Reiki initiation. Reiki energy travels over time, space and distance. A Reiki Master Teacher will send you the Attunement using a Distance Reiki Attunement process and energy techniques learned in Reiki Level Two
Click here for a full list of Reiki Courses and Attunements

If a student receives a Distance Reiki Attunement it is their responsibility to prepare themselves (bathing and clean clothes) and setting the environment (a quiet peaceful environment, soft music, flowers and make sure you have no interruptions).

Reiki Attunements received by Distance Attunement method usually cost far less than reiki classes.

Self Reiki Attunements

Self Reiki Attunements work equally as powerful and successful as the above methods. Dr Usui attuned himself to the Reiki energy with his intent and desire to learn and so can you. Many people today have become a Reiki Master by this self attunement method alone.

To attune yourself to Reiki Energy one needs to sit quietly and meditate. If you wish you may use pictures of the Reiki Symbols and then mediate on the picture whilst taking note of how you feel, what energy is surrounding you.

Another method of self attunement is where a student is given a written format of procedures or hand movements to follow.

Once again the preparation of yourself and the environment is your responsibility but the cost of the training is considerably less.

All methods of master reiki attunements work equally well they key to success is the time and practise you give the reiki energy. Its like playing the piano – you must to practise to succeed.

A Reiki Ryoho healing Attunement is a beautiful process, often leaving the initiate with a feeling of love and connected to the divine source. Sometimes described by a student as a feeling of coming home

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