Chakra Balancing – Healing The Seven Chakras

The seven Chakras are the main energy centers of the body. Each of the 7 chakras are responsible from different areas of our lives. A Chakra Balancing or Chakra Clearing Practitioner can do a lot by performing a chakra clearing on the seven major chakras, which involves cleansing and balancing the chakras, so the energy flows freely through the body without disturbances or blockages which lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual unease.
The chakra centres heal the body and often become unbalanced. Following a chakra healing, it is possible to bring the seven chakras back into correct alignment.

Chakra balancing or chakra healing can be achieved by a number of healing modalities including meditation, reiki, crystals, yoga, tai chi, colour therapy and most healing modalities.

Although most people cannot see the chakras they control the primary function of the body. Clairvoyants and many healing therapists can see the chakras and note the colour and how they are spinning. It is not necessary to be able to see the chakras to perform a chakra healing on yourself.

The human body contains a number of energy centres called chakras which control the distribution of energy throughout the whole body. There are seven charkras which are the major charkra and many smaller chakras operating within the human body and aura.

When the chakras are aligned and unblocked we enjoy optimal health. The chakras are connected to both the physical body and its organs plus the different layers in our subtle bodies or sometimes called aura. Many people use a Charka Meditation to cleans and balance their chakra to maintain optimal health.

The Word Chakra Means……..

The word “Chakra” is derived from Sanskrit word and it means wheel. A wheel that spins on its own axis and can spin fast or slowly depending on the energy level of your body. The chakra act as bridges linking the physical body with the subtle bodies. The subtle body or Aura which receives, assimilates and transmits energy into the chakras.

A chakra can be balanced, open or closed. Chakras themselves are circular energy centres which exist in the body. There are seven main chakras. These chakras differ in size, colour and activity with each individual person.

The chakras are connected to a fine channel of energy, which runs parallel to the spinal chord. They serve as gateways for the flow of energy and our physical body could not exist without them.

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Chakra Chart Of The Seven Major Chakras

The human body contains a number of energy centers called chakras which control the distribution of energy throughout the whole body. There are seven charkras which are the major charkra and many smaller chakras operating within the human body and aura.

The chakra centers heal the body when in balance and each chakra has a uniques name, a physical location within the body and a related colour. The chakras are situated in the physical body on the crown (top of the head), forehead (third eye), throat, heart, solar plexus, navel or sacral and the base of the pelvis sometimes called the root chakra.

List of the 7 chakras; Color Guide Chakra Of The Seven Major Chakras

  • The Root Chakra: This is the physical layer – Red
  • The Spleen Chakra: This is the emotional layer – Orange
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the mental or intellectual layer – Yellow
  • The Heart Chakra: This is the astral layer. – Green
  • The Throat Chakra: This is the etheric layer – Blue
  • The Brow Chakra: The “Third Eye ” is the celestial layer. Indigo
  • The Crown Chakra: This is the ketheric layer – Violet

The connection between the chakra and the corresponding organ is very clear. When the chakras are not in balance they become uneven in size and dark, dull or murky. A charka clearing and balancing can cleans and heal the chakras back to perfect balance. The outer energy fields (aura or subtle body) are affected also when the chakras are unbalanced.

Unbalanced or dirty chakras result in stress, emotional turmoil, anxiety, pain, discomfort, illness and disease. Blocked chakras cause the organs and glands to act sluggish or malfunction.

The Chakras are like wheels and spin clockwise and anti clockwise. For good health the chakras need to spin at an even pace.

By performing a regular chakra balancing technique or chakra clearing on yourself the chakra centres heal and balance themselves resulting in good health, vitality and peace.

It is not necessary to learn Chakra balancing to receive a chakra clearing. There are many chakra healing therapist who would happily assist to maintain optimum chakra alignment. Although many people start receiving chaka clearings from a therapist and then decide to learn how to perform their own chaka clearing and balancing.

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