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Discover How To Communicate With Animals Plus The Benefits And Techniques Of Animal Reiki Using Energy To Heal The Animals In Your Life With The Most Natural Healing System Known To Man.


Animal Reiki is a wonderful holistic hands on healing therapy to use on your pet because it is so safe and gentle, whilst healing physical illness, pain, injuries or emotional problems.  Learning Animal Communication is a wonderful experience and the benefits are enormous. Animal Reiki is performed by using vibrational healing energy which will heal the animals in your life, by using only the palms of your hands.

More and more pet lovers all over the world are turning to Animal Reiki to heal the animals in your life using  Reiki energy, which is reported to  improve their pet’s health and happiness and heal their pets – mind, body and spirit.

Animal Reiki is a totally natural and holistic therapy which allows your pet to heal and maintain optimum health.  Animal reiki is also a natural way to communicate and connect to your pet, to build a loving bond between the two of you.

Animal reiki has also been used very successfully by many Reiki Masters to heal stray and sick animals that appear in your life, or on the door step.

Animal Reiki is a powerful non intrusive, gentle and safe holistic healing system that produces amazing results for the mind, body and spirit.  Animal Reiki heals naturally without ongoing and costly medical treatments, surgery and medications.

Animal Reiki is suitable for all types of animals.  Whilst giving your pet an animal reiki session it enables the owner and the pet to deepen the bond of love and trust.



Anyone with a desire to learn Reiki whether it is for healing people or animals, can learn Reiki quickly and easily. The are no special skills required. I have included a few excellent courses on the left which I am happy to recommend. These training are suitable for anyone to learn Reiki so they can send healing energy to people, animals, situations and even plants.

To learn Animal Reiki study the Spiritual Animal Healer Program which covers all forms of Animal Healing and Communication

Will My Pet Enjoy Animal Reiki?

Reiki works equally well on people and animals. Animals love Reiki and respond very well to Reiki, often quicker than people. During a session of animal reiki your pet will become very relaxed and may fall asleep.

Animals have their own energy field, which like people becomes unbalanced and blocked. It is also well known that animals tend to absorb the stress, tension, emotional levels and behaviours of the owners.  A session of Animal Reiki will assist clearing negative energy blocks that causes pain, discomfort and distress.

When doing Animal Reiki the practitioner channels reiki through their hands and into the animal.  Animal reiki can cause no harm and is very easy to learn.  The reiki energy always goes to source of the problem.

With Animal Reiki the animal accepts the reiki energy at a level which is most comfortable for them, similar to people receiving reiki.  Your pet can never receive to much animal reiki.

During a session of animal reiki your pet will feel a sense of peace and totally relaxed.  Animal reiki never causes pain, discomfort or distress to your pet. Even the healthiest of pets can benefit enormously from a animal reiki healing session on a regular basis.

Reiki healing energy always heals for the recipients highest good and Reiki also intuitively knows exactly what needs to be healed.

Can I Attune My Pet To Reiki?

The most amazing and wonderful thing about reiki is that the owner and the pet can both give each other a reiki treatment together.  Yes that’s right.  A pet can be attuned to reiki just the same as people.

Therefore as you sit and relax and give your pet a reiki healing, if your pet is attuned to reiki they will send you reiki energy in return to you.  Many owners of pets attuned to animal reiki energy report this as most beautiful experience love and connectedness.

The process of enabling your pet to become a Reiki Master a simple and natural process.  To attune an animal to animal reiki  is the same as for people.  The attunement needs to be performed by a Reiki Master who has received all three Reiki  Attunements  from a certified Reiki Master.

A Typical Animal Reiki Session

Animals have the ability to sense Reiki frequencies very quickly. If an animal is in the room when a Reiki treatment is being performed, they often come and lie under the table or jump up and sit on the receiver.

It is always best for an animal to receive at animal reiki session in their own home or usual environment where they are most comfortable.

When commencing an animal reiki session it is advisable to allow the animal to decide when they have received enough Reiki.  When an animals has received enough reiki energy they will move away. Animal reiki can also be sent via distant energy.

It doesn’t matter by which method you use to send the animal reiki as all Reiki is equally effective, regardless of the technique use to send the energy.  Always allow your intuition to be your guide.

How Often Does My Pet Need A Animal Reiki Treatment?

A weekly animal reiki session is a wonderful gift to you pet. To maintain optimal health and happiness in your pet, I recommend you commence with four sessions of animal reiki.  This may be given weekly and then either weekly or monthly sessions for maintenance.

If for some reason your pet is unwell, injured they would benefit from a daily treatment of Animal Reiki until they have recovered, and then followed by a  weekly session of Animal Reiki for maintenance. For animals in pain give animal reiki as needed.

Often an animal will only require a short session and will walk away or become restless when they have received enough energy. Allow your pet to be your guide.


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